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Snapfile Compliance - a workflow app for professionals

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Save your time with Compliance

Snapfile Compliance is designed to collect and store client information, verify client’s identity to industry standards and produce industry specific PDF documents in one workflow sequence for professionals in the Mortgage and Finance industry, Accountants, Lawyers and Conveyancers saving you valuable time.

Why Snapfile Compliance?

Snapfile Compliance was built to provide brokers with one workflow sequence to capture data on site, store it and share where required. Integrated directly with Snapfile, all files are encrypted to 128 bit ‘in flight’ and on server.

Designed specifically for use on tablets, Smart Phones and computers with inbuilt cameras it allows users to easily collect and manage stored information with the bonus of direct data input to authorised databases saving costly and repetitive duplication of data entry.

CRM integration

Snapfile Compliance data capture workflow is currently integrated with a leading broker software platform, and further API integration can be assessed on request.

Secure ID verification

Snapfile Compliance provides industry standard capture and secure storage of client ID formatted in PDF which can be supplied to lenders or used by any industry where there is a compliance requirement to collect and verify identity. Our identity documents can be used in any environment where the identity requirements of the AML/CT need to be met. These include Real Estate and Financial transactions.

Industry compliance documents

Snapfile Compliance generates a multi-page PDF formatted document containing all information collected including the time, date and location and electronic signatures. These include Needs Analysis and Checklists for finance brokers. Documents are stored securely in SNAPFILE and can be retrieved or shared by an authorised user at any time. There is no (insecure) email transmission.


Snapfile protects your files in transit between our apps our servers, and at rest. Our infrastructure is regularly tested to identify and patch vulnerabilities.